A Review of the Fender Deluxe Dimension Bass (Ernie Ball Music Man Copy)

I have always lusted after any of the Ernie Ball Music Man basses. They have power, crunch, and a certain “spankiness” to every note on the bass. It makes for an ideal sound that is great for gospel, soul, r and b, and funk (or just about anything else, for that matter). However, there has been one thing standing in the way of me investing in an Ernie Ball bass and that is THE PRICE! They can run for at least $3000 or more, which is hard on any gigging bassist.¬† There used to be a solid copy that was the Stagg Bass, but it has been discontinued.¬† Since then there has not been a solid competitor for the Music Man. Until now. The other day in my local Blues Angel Music store in Pensacola, Fl, I came across the Fender Deluxe Dimension bass. It looks like a Music Man, but more importantly, it SOUNDS like a Music Man. It comes with the familiar humbuck pickups that give Ernie Ball their unique sound. There was a four string Fender Deluxe Active Dimension bass (for the purists), and a five string Fender Deluxe Active Dimension V model, which were both phenomenal¬† And it’s not being sold for $3000, or $2000, but a mere $1000 and some change. So if you ask me what my next bass, I think I can solidly say it will be this one! Time to start saving my piggies!