Hello Low-End-Lovers,

Who Am I?

My name is Michael (AKA: Mad Dawg), and I’m a bassist from Pensacola, FL. After receiving my Bachelor’s degree in Music Education from the University of West Florida, I hit the trenches to make my living as a musician. Along the way, I have taught music in the public school system of Escambia County. I also recently toured the world via cruise ship as a member of the orchestra for the Celebrity cruise line.

Who Should Read This Blog?

While facing the triumphs and challenges of being a working musician (whether on seas or on land), I endeavored to create a site that would help people just like to find the right gear that have made my life as a bassist more efficient and more fun. In addition, I also wanted to create a site where bassists could share with me the gear that they have learned that work for them! With that in mind, I created this blog, so that anyone can find the tools that they need to build, customize, or repair their dream bass, as well as explore any other bass-related tools and accessories.

So without any further-ado, welcome and enjoy!